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Thread: pictures of lilliput case

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    pictures of lilliput case

    anyone have front/back/side/inside pictures of lilliput 619 lcd+housing?

    maybe even next to a ruler?

    reason is... gonna mount it... but only way is if i can rework the case/guts to be <1/2" thick and/or less than, well, i'm not sure... but some pictures would get me a lot farther as far as modding goes...


    oh... toss in another q... possilbe to mount just LCD guts w/o casing? and... (last one)... is it possilbe to do w/o the buttons? just leave it plugged in to ACC power?

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    I'm trying to do this with a 2001 S4. The head unit is not quite 4.9 inches tall, 4.75 at most. Will this LCD fit without the case?

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    I just mesured this this morning. The bare LCD is 7 7/16" wide by 4 1/8" high

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    Quote Originally Posted by aleromaster
    I just mesured this this morning. The bare LCD is 7 7/16" wide by 4 1/8" high
    Should that be 6 7/16" wide ?

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    boy... the bare LCD would fit dam near perfect by my measurements.

    any innovative ways to mount the bare LCD? should i steer away from it?

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