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Thread: My solution to Auto Power ON Lilliput screen

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    I just did this mod and the screen powers up when the power supply is turned on with no problem... but the screen is completely white. Any ideas? Either the backlight is too bright, or the LCD got screwed up somehow. Anyone have similar problems?

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    I got a similar problem where the contrast and brightness is 100%. I cant put it down as I cant press any other buttons on the screen. I am running the mod and I double checked to see if I hadnt accidentally connected the 2 pins on the power button, but all seems good with my soldering etc..
    I had a problem with the cap + resister before. So replacing them will be the first thing to try.

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    Great Mod, but I did have a problem.

    I had done everything as per the instructions in this thread, and everything was good (Cap gave a beep prior to being installed with a continuity tester). When I started it up however, the screen was very dim and there were wavy lines thru the screen . The remote still worked and it seemed to be otherwise functional.

    I took it back to the bench and looked it over very closely with a flashlight, and noticed that there was some white hair like stuff still in the area of the resistor that was removed. I carefully scraped it away and tried it again - worked perfectly .

    The residual resistor material was barely visible, and was kinda hair like so if you are having a similar problem you may want to check this area before you tear everything apart.

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    Jobs a goodun and it seems to work. Only prob was i got supplied with the wrong resistor and instead of simulating a 1.5 sec press is it right to assume it would just alter the amount of time the button is pressed for as it seems to be around 3 secs

    Would this damage it in anyway ?

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    Thanks so much Coyote! I just did this tonight and it worked like a charm! You da man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phatbimmer
    well i have soldered before. i soldered a chip onto my xbox and i did this the other day and messed up pretty bad. I burned the track and i could no longer solder anything to the board. It was my own fault, i went and bought a 80 watt solder, i guess it got too hot. i was pretty sad, but i had a local stereo repair shop fix it and re-lay the track. so just a warning, BE CAREFUL when you do this! the board is very small and delicate! dont make my mistake!
    80 watt

    I use a 15 watt solder iron for all my small electronics work and it works great

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewTechFool
    Well because applying power to the monitor does not turn it on. You still have to press the 'on' button.
    Okay, I have a Xenarc screen and it does it automatically... I guess that's another reason to go with Xenarc.

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    Does is matter what wattage the resitor is for this mod?

    Do they list the caps by other numbers as well?

    It seems that there are a lot of parts that match these specs (10uF cap and 150K resistor) but have many other variables like wattage and MDB (?) I just want to make sure I buy the correct pieces.

    I bought a 1/4 watt 150k resistor and its blue rather than brown. Will this work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digglerd
    Do they list the caps by other numbers as well?
    The capacitors frequently used in small electronics can be labeled with a 3 number system where the first two numbers are the value in pico-farads and the third number is the multiplier. But I can't say for sure if they number the capacitors that way to values as large as 10uF. Under that schema it would mean a '106' would be a 10uF but Im not sure '6' is an acceptable value for the multiplier.
    Check here for more info.

    I bought a 1/4 watt 150k resistor and its blue rather than brown. Will this work?
    Depends on where its blue...
    If one of the stripes are blue chances are its not a 150k resistor.
    This is a very handy tool for determining resistance values from the color code.
    And if you know a resistor value and are trying to get a color code for it, you can look here.
    Hope that helps.

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    just short the on button...
    the whole process is much much easier
    mobo $130 ; 150wOpus-$200 ; 256mb pc2700 -$10 ; 120gb HDD 7200-$70 ; Lilliput TS 7"-$265 ; USB LAN-Free AR ; Rikaline 6010 GPS-$34 ; ShuttleXpress-$37
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