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Thread: 15" bilt in dash LCD idea

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    15" bilt in dash LCD idea

    im toying with the idea of mounting a 15" LCD virticly in my dash. with a touch screen kit from digitalww

    how good are these add on touch screen kits?

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    in my opinion they suck I got one and when installed the screen was to dark in day light the glare was the problem you will never find a display that is bright enough to overcome it but at night there grate mine lasted about 2 hours then I ripped it off monster garage style as in I broke it I was going to return it damm!!! the touch control was the best way I have had control over my pc remotes that have enough buttons are to big and find a remote with a button for media player internet explorer or counter strike ect. sometimes I don't even want to use my pc because the remote setup sucks and mine works better than any I have seen yet and a mouse forget it only in parking lots or when the car ain't moving what I am saying is while the TSK's suck I am going to get another TSK from DWW touch screen is the best way to do it the key to making a auto pc work is the user interface it needs to be simple and work well and until voice control gets better the touch screen is the best and only way to go these TSK's are first gen's the new stuff is embeded in the lcd panel and has no glare lets hope some company will come out with new style touch screens small enough for us auto pc guys soon

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    These touch screens are the same as most of the guy here use. Different size but everything else is the same.


    Quote Originally Posted by beaverpants
    how good are these add on touch screen kits?

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