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Thread: Multiple Screens

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    Multiple Screens

    i've been searching this forum and havent found the specific answer to my question,

    is it possible to run 3 screens (1 lilliput and 2 composite on headrest)
    on an onboard video card? do i just need a splitter? or should i get anothing video card?

    all the controlling would be up front (lilliput) all i want the composite to do is display what the main (lilliput) is showing. all screens with the same image. Thanks!

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    i dunno about windows but you'll be stuck with the same resolution as the composite screens. Don't hold me to that though.. like i know in linux you can clone the desktops or have it run like a dual monitor combined desktop or two seperate ones..

    i know in windows though if you use the tvout it'll clone the desktop.
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    i dont have a TVout though. i only have a VGA out which i will use for the Lilliput, im having problems how to add 2 composites that display the same. as iv been search i saw that WinME and 2000 support multiple screens

    does any1 know if winXP supports this too? need more help peeps!

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    Depending on your video card, you will be able to have different resolutions on different screens. You can also have different things showing on different screens.

    I know the Radeon card that I have will allow you to put a different resolution on a composite screen, and then drag different pieces of your desktop to that screen. It doesn't work within video players though.

    If you get a video card with TV-out on it (Composite, S-Video, etc.) you would only need a splitter to get the picture onto the composite screens. Check with the video card manufacturer on the multiple resolutions though.

    And all this works on XP, too.
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