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Thread: Hiding LCD

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    Arrow Hiding LCD

    Ive been looking for a 7 to 10 inch monitor that hides in the dash. preferably VGA hook-ups. Mucho Gracias for the help guys.

    -Dragon S5

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    heres your newbie freebie.....but the search function works really well also
    2005 Ford Focus ST

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    what the hell is that crap $530 and they say its not motorized?!?!?! does that mean i have to manually pull it out every time i want to use it?

    Oh and sorry i used the search func, but didnt find it. I admin/mod a few boards and know how iritating repeats can get. See i finished building my carputer and now I need a screen.....I was gonna go touch but well the pocket book is mighty low these days.


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