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Thread: looking for replacement remote for 7" lilliput

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    looking for replacement remote for 7" lilliput

    I was wondering if there is a remote I can use for my LILLIPUT
    Model NO. 619GL-70NPC 7" lcd...The one I got from lilliput was bad when I got it and I even tried a new battery...I'v tried many times to contact them but no luck. Is there a another type of remote I can use and re-program it to learn the lilliput's info? kind of like a replacement tv remote?...
    Or if anybody has a extra or old one they want to sell?.

    thank you,

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    I know you can program a pocketPC to learn and imitate the remote.

    Right now I have a problem with the lilliput board with the IR receiver, the receiver no longer works. I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive by the end of the month, and if that replacement board still doesnt recognize the IR signals, then that means there is something wrong with my vga controller.

    And if that happens, I can sell you my lilliput remote. If you're interested, remind me by the end of the month to see if I still want it.

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    I'll do that...


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    You can always buy a remote from MP3CAR:

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