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Thread: which carputer?

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    which carputer?

    my original idea was to get a bare laptop which i got (has no screen) and build it will take up to 2ghz p4..or should i just buy an itx mobile thing..which would be better?and is this a good screen? or would a lillyput or xenarc be better?

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    not sure yet.
    up to you, digital is on this forum for help. Also he's not going to sell you something that is crap. lilliput, its like a piece of chocolate... in a box

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    I don't think that anyone knows about the one in the link you posted too. It looks like one of star vision monitors but they don't list it on their website.

    Some people like the lilliputs and don't have problems with them others seem to have nothing but problems with them. People will just have to chime in on how they feel about their lilliputs.

    I pretty much think the concencius about the xenarcs is that they are about the best you can buy but they are more expensive than the lilliputs.

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    i jsut picked up a mobile p4 1.8ghz processor for $100 on i guess i'm going with the stuff..that lcd that i listed above looks real nice...i just want to find some people who have one or who has used one...and i can always buy a touch addon when i have the money...if i go with that one

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