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Thread: Does your new flat screen look blurry?

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    Does your new flat screen look blurry?

    I'm new to all of this... started last week with a Lillput 7" LCD w/touchscreen, a DeLorme Street Atlas 2004 with Earthmate GPS reciever, a Dell Latitude Laptop and a 2000 Toyota Camry. All is coming along just fine until i noticed that the screen looks blurry. I came to this site and have been looking for anyone with the same problem, but haven't seen any postings. Sooo, i went on trusty Google and did a search, turns out that m$ has known about this and has done something about it.

    Hope anyone with this problem will find this as helpfull as it did for me!

    p.s. Great site!

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    I think most people here already knew about Cleartype, but welcome aboard.

    BTW, if I was describing ClearType, I'd say it actually blurs the text. Without ClearType, fonts look pixelated to me. I like the way ClearType blurs things, making things look more rounded/smooth. It only affects text though, and will not really do anything to help a "blurry" LCD.

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    if its the composite version of the lilliput you have then it will be blurry - limitations of the format, use a VGA screen for pixel sharp graphics ( LCD screens themselves cannot "blur" like a CRT can )
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    Also check that your graphics card resolution is set to the native resolution of your LCD, so it does not have to stretch/compress the pixels.

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