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Thread: Suprise Suprise lilliput problems

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    Surprise Surprise lilliput problems

    So i recieved my new lilliput screen yesterday pluged it in started it installed drvers from disk and software. It worked, but it didnt i couldnt do the configuration properly so i decided to install the software from digitalww. The installation failed then the touch screen stopped working all together, so I decided to uninstall the software. Start-control panel-add remove programs-click on worcol uninstall-ok must reboot computer, reboot computer f'n program still there not working properly.???????wtf Cant get rid of this program went in the bloody registry removed everything that i could that had touch or worcol, am i gonna have to reinstall OS (BTW using winXp)

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    run the setup.exe - I just tried to install the drivers and it went . After running the setup.exe and rebooting, all was good.

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    Resolved: went and did a search for touch;worcol and deleted all files reinstalled all good

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