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Thread: Ebay 7" Unipac screen???

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    Question Ebay 7" Unipac screen???

    OK, I bought this screen on Ebay for $100. Auction said it will work with any DVD, but it does not work with mine. I have heard that I need a NTSC to PAL converter, but I am receiving NO help from the guy I purchased it from. Here are the two items that I'm attempting to connect.

    Right now the screen just powers on, but displays nothing but white light. I was looking at this converter, but the seller is not sure it will work.

    Does anyone know what I can do? Please help.

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    The DVD unit you have should be able to do PAL, at least according to the specs. Contact the seller of the DVD unit and find out how to switch it to PAL output. Also find out what will happen if you play a NTSC encoded DVD to a PAL screen, will the unit support conversion internally, if it does you don't need converters.
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