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Thread: FAQ: Everything you need to know about your Lilliput

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    I shoulda just come here to get the pinouts I needed, but I wound up finding my own solution, and blogged about it.

    Here are my findings on wire colors and pinouts for the proprietary 9 conductor cable.
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    in dash

    I bought you a DWW-7VGT non motorized indash a few year ago.
    I have a trouble with it.
    I can not close the monitor anymore.
    Seems like the big spring is not at the right place.
    Could you please tell me how to do?
    I remerber that on digitalww web site a procedure explained how to built a indash. does somebody has it?

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    There seems to be a lot of broken links and digitalww is password protected. Can anyone fix this?


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    Anyone cracked open an 8" touch screen? Mine's open and I cut the main harness that goes to the usb and vga out and soldered it to the board. I pinned it out and made sure to double check it but I'm not getting any signal from my computer. If there's anyone with one cracked open but still using the same connector to the board could you please get a pinout for the vga/usb to the main board? I know I just need the h-sync, v-sync, red, green, blue and the four pins that go to the usb connector. Here's a picture if it helps any. Any ideas??
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    Youguys haven't put the codes in the Faq for autoturn on and such?
    5 8 8 9 9 8 for eby701

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    Detail drawing of the Lilliput 629, courtesy of John at Lilliput Electronics:

    Edit: the 94.9 (Display Center) dimension should read: 84.9 (Display Center)

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    does the lilliput 629 have an auto video switching mode? so if I were to add a rear view camera and when i put the car into reverse ..can the video switch automaticly? i swear i heard this before..
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    can anyone say what the difference is between the Lilliput 809/869/889GL-80NP/C/T ?

    all i could find was:
    809 -> 4:3, 640x480 native, 380 cd/m2, 200:1 contrast, $223.99 @ mp3car's store
    869 -> 16:9, 800x480 native, 250 cd/m2, 300:1 contrast, $209.95 @ mp3car's store
    889 -> 16:9, 800x480 native, 250 cd/m2, 300:1 contrast, $224.95 @ mp3car's store

    869 also has dvi/hdmi/vga, where 809 & 889 are vga only

    I assume all "-80NP/C/T" are the 2010 LED Backlight w/ auto switching on them?

    Seems like 869 is the way to go (for an 8" lilliput) - any suggestions?

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    Does Anyone know, where to get replacement parts for GL701-NP/C/T monitor..
    I need the Reductor for the angle motor and the cog that goes on that reductor..

    Here's a Picture to show exactly what I need..

    Just in Case.. the position, where it's From:

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