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Thread: FAQ: Everything you need to know about your Lilliput

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    Lilliputs come with 2 different kinds of ribbon cables. Some have this one (pins facing opposite sides): and this one (pins facing in the same direction):

    Quote Originally Posted by nthai
    Anyone who ever ordered the ribbon cable from digitalww please help... I pm'ed Armen, called, and checked the website to no available.

    What should I do to order this cable?

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    LCD Panel Measurements


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    Housing measurements


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    VGA Controller Measurements


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    I just solved a problem involving my lilliput and I thought I should post it in case it can help someone.

    I installed the lilliput temporarily and connected the power to the cigar lighter. I soon find out that my system that never had a noise before now has a serious alternator whine.
    I cut the wire and connected ( both 12v and ground) to the distribution block were the inverter/ITPS combo are connected. The noise remained.
    Finally I did what I planned from the beginning and didn’t do because of the temporary nature of the installation, cut the egg regulator off and wired the power ( 12v and ground) directly to one of the 12v connectors on the ATX PSU. Cool.. Noise no more...

    My system:
    Distribution block to bat
    ITPS connected to Distribution block and acc and controlling a relay.
    Inverter with the 12v from the Distribution block thru the relay.
    All with common ground on a bolt and less than 30 cm cable.

    AMD board with 90W atx psu, vga and onboard sound, 3.5 HDD and no optical drive.
    Onboard sound connected to aux in, on head unit.

    7" Lilliput.

    Now working smoothly
    Ikea Case. Epia M10000.M1-ATX. 512 Mb. 2,5" 80 GB HDD. 7" Lilliput. BU-303 GPS. Sony Joystick.
    Status -->
    Lilliput Installed (not indash yet..)
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    Saw this and it worked to fix my touchscreen. This is not my tip, it's from another user on the boards, but he seems to be inactive for the moment

    Quote Originally Posted by AAVfReak
    Lilliput TouchKit problem solved!

    I just got my Lilliput 7" touchscreen, and had a problem with the drivers and software that was shipped with it. After spending (wasting) a few hours here on the board, reading posts about how good or bad it is, and how much better the Xenarc screen is, I found a solution that may help a few people.

    The problem: Computer locks up during installation of the TouchKit software, usually after scanning the com ports. It only takes the work of a few minutes to see that a lot of people are having this problem. I hope this helps...

    The solution:
    1. After banging my head on the table trying to uninstall the bad drivers, I finally did a system restore. I tried deleting the INF files and registry entries, but the "Found new hardware" after reboot would not go away. I hate to resort to system restore, but that was my only option at that point.

    2. I downloaded the latest software from eGalax (the authors of the program) at Click on downloads and find your operating system. It seems to me that most people with this problem are using Windows XP.

    3. I installed the software without the hardware connected. After reboot, I connected the hardware, and let windows automatically configure the drivers.

    It all works fine now. I hope this will help some of you that have had a similar problem.

    Have a nice day!
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    please add these to the main faqs

    more troubleshooting tips:
    if you have no power going to your lilliput (eg led doesn't even light up)
    either the eggs is screwed up, power it from your power supply; or the smaller ribbon cable is not aligned correctly, it needs to be positioned all the way to the right if the screen is facing up.
    if you have a white screen
    the larger ribbon cable is not in all the way/correctly, for my lilliput with the pins on the same side, the pins are face up on both connectors
    if you broke of the retention clip for the ribbon cable
    use tape/hotglue/toothpick method
    Need replacement connector for Lilliput
    if the colors are off (eg my screen had a bluish tint to it)
    check the soldered connections on the board, or check to see if the pins on the din connector are bent; check the color settings on the lilliput menu

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    FAQ Type Responses Only

    Thread cleaned.
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    Please update the driver link:
    The correct link should be

    amd 1700, biostar m7ncg 400, hitachi deskstar 120 8mb , 512 pc2700, liliput 7"
    now to put it all together

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    8" disassembled pics. I'll post measurements up this evening. Click each pic for a larger version.

    Pretty easy to take apart - 4 screws for the back of the case, small tabs in the top to pop out (just like the 7", it sounds like), ribbon cables, etc. The 4-wire connector on the side is for the touchscreen and is a ***** to disconnect. The 2-wire on the other side is a little tough to get to with big fat fingers.
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