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Thread: FAQ: Everything you need to know about your Lilliput

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    Solution to Auto Power ON Lilliput screen : Coyote

    This should be here I think:

    Solution to Auto Power ON Lilliput screen

    For those who want that their Lilliput screen power ON automatically when the power supply is applied on :

    My solution to Auto Power ON Lilliput screen

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    If you are not good with soldering, try this first:

    Lilliput Programming Guide, More Reset Codes
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    Updated link to the 9 pin bus extension cable for the lilliput.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 66miles99
    Updated link to the 9 pin bus extension cable for the lilliput.

    er, you might want to remove that post....

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    Lilliput on Linux with eGalax drivers on unsupported distributions

    I wrote a guide on how to get the eGalax drivers working with Debian GNU/Linux and it's relatively general so it's applicable to other linux distributions. I know a link has been posted elsewhere on the forums but hopefully this will be more visibile. The guide is located at . All questions, comments, corrections and suggestions are welcome... along with criticisms.

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    Does someone have the measurements of the 8" screen? Like this:


    I want to see if that could fit.

    Edit: I found it:

    Lilliput 8" Dimensions

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    Can you update the driver link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike-e-mon

    Can you update the driver link?

    Updated. Thanks.

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    8" Lilliput cable wiring

    Here is the wiring diagram of the 9 pin 8" Lilliput
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    More on wiring the Lilliput

    Me and a friend who've recently started our own carpc project have put another wiring scheme online for the Lilliput 619; we tried to make it as newbie friendly as possible (although basic proficiency with a soldering iron is required of course). Since we based part of it on gregmoll's schematic above, we felt it fit to link to our info in this thread, as a way of saying thanks to gregmoll for the fine info, and to expand on the knowledge contained in this thread.

    The post can be found here. The VGA part is working perfectly; we haven't had the chance to test the touchscreen yet, but the kernel messages in our preliminary Linux install show it registers itself as a USB device when plugged in, so we're pretty confident it'll work once we install the drivers.

    Just so you guys don't have to click on the link to get to the schematics, here's the direct link:

    Any feedback is of course appreciated. Have fun, and try not to get your fingers burnt like I did.

    Edit: We didn't make step-by-step instructions because it was late after work and I had to hurry a bit in order for my friend to catch his last bus home. We didn't finish in time, and I had to drive him home anyway, but that's beside the point... We'll do this again once my screen arrives though. But this may take a while. After all, we already have one for testing purposes. I'll post a link to the new, step-by-step instructions then and update this post to point to the new one. But for now, I think these instructions should suffice for those even remotely tech-savvy.

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