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Thread: FAQ: Everything you need to know about your Lilliput

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    Hi - how do lilputs rate compare to the shark 10.4?

    GREAT DEAL: 10.4" Touchscreen - Samsung LCD $215!

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    Re: LVDS?

    There are several companies out there making boards like this:

    If you look through their supported displays, the 7" hitachi used in these lilliput's is listed. What else would be required to connect it directly to a NX15000G motherboard with LVDS? Specs for that are here:

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out how to ask the manufacturer this question directly, I'm not sure where they have their resellers listed nor anyone else associated who may speak english...

    I found that first board via Google, there was a discussion in a forum topic here (search for "TX18D16VM1CAA" on that page):

    Here's another board:

    And another:

    Those two don't list the 7" Hitachi as a supported display.

    Apparently there is a slightly better spec version of the 7" Hitachi now available, and it is also supported by the first two cards:

    Anyone been able to do this yet? I've spent way too much time combing through forum posts and I have yet to find anyone who was able to plug-and-play a 7" LCD of any kind via LVDS even with one of these boards.

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    I just got my Hirose connectors and crimp connectors from Digikey to make a cable for my 6.3 inch NEC panel and connect it to my onboard LVDS controller.

    My question is with these boards, it only says "24 bit LVDS Transmitter / Receiver Module" is this taking TFT and processing it to LVDS??? If so that'd be friggin awesome... The panel you've listed is TFT, which ALL of the 7" screens I've seen are. I managed to find a 6.3 inch LVDS screen off ebay for 70 bucks... but I'f I could use one of these to convert the signal it would be well worth looking into.

    I'm hoping as you said the lilli panels are listed that it does convert... If so, all you'd need is the following.

    Cable from the panel to the LVDS Transmitter
    Cable from the transmitter to the LVDS connection on the mobo (or daughtercard)
    Backlight coverter
    Cable from converter to mobo (or daughtercard)

    The connectors and crimp connectors are cheap but the crimpers are very pricey... I'd love to find a place that sold these cables on the cheap, if anyone has sources please share.

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    In-dash lilliput

    How to read lilliput in-dash screen motors:

    If the motor rattles it is most likely that the gear axle in gearbox is bent and gears are skiping.
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    If all else fails try this link

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    800X480 on Lilli 619

    This is out of left field but I thought it belonged here...

    For those people who are modifying the ini file for their Intel onboard graphics drivers to display 800X480 here is the DTD string I used. The first numbers are the refresh rate and you may have to tweak those...

    4C 1D 20 FC 30 E0 14 10 20 38 37 00 00 00 00 00 00 1E

    Also, here is a driver that works at 800X480 and my Lilli 619 on an Intel G965 series motherboard:
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    OK got my 2008 Lilliput 629 today, must say it is awsome. Did the reprogramming mod and I couldnt be happier.
    Bright, oh yeah.
    In sunlight, no problem. Really. I was using a 7" phylon/t-view and sunlight killed it prety much. Now it is like night and day. Not the transreflective either. Couldnt even imagine how good that must be.
    Just thought I would tap in with my comments on the new screen.
    One happy camper....
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    hey guys trying to get my auto-on working all i have is a PC mode, av1 av2. no vga mode? what can i do/

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    LCD Ribbon Replacement?

    Hey guys got a question, I have a lilliput touch screen monitor and the LCD Ribbon cable has gone bad. I need a replacement and quick. I cheked and they are sold out. where can I pick up a new one from and if any of you are selling one could you please let me know......

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