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Thread: In-Dash VGA / Touch Screen?

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    In-Dash VGA / Touch Screen?

    I'm looking for a In-Dash VGA touch screen. One that's actualy in-stock

    I've been looking on for a while and both of their offerings are always out of stock.

    Also given the instructions for mounting the Lilliput's in the in-dash cases, I'm wondering when they are in-stock they are just re-cased 7" screens?

    I'd like to keep my head unit and be able to close up the screen once I've selected some music or such to remove the distraction from myself and possible tickting officers

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I am also looking for a good in-dash VGA solution with touchscreen. I like the housing here:

    It's perfect! But, no VGA. I've considered buying a VGA controller for that LCD (from, or purchasing a complete unit like the Starvision screen ( and trying to mount it in the Innovatek housing. Seems like an expensive and labor-intense solution, but...

    Any alternatives out there?

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