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Thread: need a 10.4 screen..HELP

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    Unhappy need a 10.4 screen..HELP

    Im putting a screen in to my 1994 trans am, i need help finding a 10.4" tft vga lcd screen, if possible touchscreen, or if not i can get a touchscreen kit. Going to use it to play dvd's, GPS, plus other stuff. Im looking to spend around 300-350 with touchscreen. Im going to make my own mold, so its probably better to be open frame. Ive been looking around for days now and im pretty lost. Can someone HELP ME. Thanks

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    FS: 400MHz PC w/ 10.5" touchscreen with Win98 LOADED Special only for Mp3car members!

    Get the whole computer for less than that.....check the link. Just get rid of what you dont want and keep the screen and touchkit.

    pricing and payment options here:
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    Have you looked at the Xenarc 1040POS?

    It's a 10.4" 4/3 format screen w/ rs232 touch screen and runs off 12VDC. Lowest price I've seen today is $585.

    It comes with a desktop type base that can be removed allowing you to use any standard VESA mount. Here's another link to see some examples of VESA bases.

    I was pretty much set on a Xenarc 700TS when I noticed this one which I'm now strongly considering. I have no interest in mobile DVD movies, so the 4/3 format screen isn't a negative thing for me.

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