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Thread: Eeprom Error

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    Exclamation Eeprom Error

    I finaly I got my lilliput pluged it in and everything seems fine, When I installed the touch screen software it detected the screen but on calibration i get "ACCESS EEPROM FAIL! PLEASE CHECK AGAIN!"

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong?


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    revealed this:
    Lilliput EEPROM

    and this:
    TouchScreen EPROM "error/failure"

    , its just the right thing to do

    Although it doesnt seem that they pinpointed the solution, it does sound like the touchscreen needs to be sent in for replacemt of it or the controller board
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    Red face

    I got an e-mail from John @ Lilliput asking me to try diff. drivers. He pointed me to:

    I downloaded the Beta 2000/XP drivers and the touch screen worked.

    I have read in the above discussions that the problem may come back but for now the driver update worked.


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    keep us informed if it does come back.. I'd love an easy solution if there is one cause I don't want to spend even more money to ship mine back to HK
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    I am also getting a similar error with my lilliput controller. Only difference is i cant calibrate mine at all (cant touch on X's). When I try to calibrate it beeps and the X goes green, but it stays green (as if i am keeping my finger down on the touch panel). I thought there was a prob with the panel so I tried it without the panel (just unplugged the panel) and same thing happens. When I try to 'clear' the advanced settings calibration, I get the EEPROM error.

    Also, there is a small LED light on the controller which turns and stays on when plugged in and loaded, I dont remember this happening before, is this normal?

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