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Thread: Digitallww VGA Display Quality

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    Digitallww VGA Display Quality


    First, I wanna ask if anyone has had any experience with this LCD? This is the one I think I'll go with unless theres bad word about it. if one can, please describe your experience specifically in sunlight, and also in hot/cold weather (ny environment). Night time no worries, any display looks good during night.
    Believe they use the Panasonic LCD.

    Two, What other LCD's are good? I see you guys are putting out lotta prop's for the Lilly, but when I look up their specs, its limited to 1024x768, while acceptable, i prefer more resolution if I can get it. Which other LCD's will display 1280x1024 or even (preferably) 1600x1200 resolution.

    Thanks for help and can't wait before completely ripping apart the center console to get this proj goin.


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    A bit of advice: Read a bit before posting, you would have found many threads about this screen.

    Answer 1: Good screen with many happy installs, Armen reads and posts here.

    Answer 2: see the advice, Good and bad about most products are here.... search and read. Form your opinons and plan your install. Post the plan and get lots of feedback. Make adjustments and the do the install.

    Have fun
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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!

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    First, thanks truckin for replying to a post that i am so ashame of myself for going and doing some research here. Anyways, after some time and searching! on this place, I've got too many loose ends.

    So, let me get to my setup idea. (picture attached) As some can tell, ya, its going into a Chr Sebring. Now the area I have painted the black box at is where I plan on putting the screen.

    The size of this area happens to be 5 1/4 x 8 1/2. Now, If I feel like pushing the envelope, I do, I can squeeze 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 at the absolute max which already involves making a new center console dash peice to accomodate the screen.

    Basically, I am thinking about putting the screen there because it'll prolly have the least sunlight interference (which is my biggest worry), and to keep the outside world from reading and seeing everything I got or am doing. What you guys think? Should that position be good? BTW, the area behind there once I remove the cd player and bone dry and has tons of room to play with. Also don't worry about the shifter being too big, getting a shorty which will be put in soon.

    Sorry, I think I'm making this too long. I'll try to end quickly.
    Screens: Yea, as I read more and more posts, Yep, I just get more lost. Just doesn't seem to be any agreement about Xenarc (sp??), Lilliput, or other displays. I guess Lilliput seems to have the most prop's, but I'm completely ruling them out for the sole reason that they are used. Have had too many troubles with laptop lcd's to take a risk on a used lcd.

    Can some of please post some more rigid feedback on their experience on any lcd screen (preferably the new Xenarc) and its operation and sunlight blaring at the display.

    Ahh, i think that'll do it

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