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Thread: another vga monitor found on ebay

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    another vga monitor found on ebay

    not sure if anyone has come across this one yet. it's a 7" vga monitor for $189 + $21 S/H/I. there are specs listed, but no brand or model # associated with it. there are 4 of them available. it could be a cheap vga solution if you're willing to take the chance. i'd get one, but it's still too much money for me to spend right now.

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    looks almost like the starvision.

    at any rate, it seems true that with lcds you get what you pay for...
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    This one is on as well. It has been talked about before not too long ago. Good refresher though.
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    not touchscreen tho

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    I just bought 2 of these at Starvision.

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    only 640x480, as well. Not a huge surprise, though. I'd stick with the "you get what you pay for" -gubon13 advice. Get the xenarc, you'll never look back =P
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