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Thread: Connecting VGA to Kenwood RGB

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    Connecting VGA to Kenwood RGB

    I already tried the thing....

    Didn't find the question, much less a solution.

    I have a Kenwood KVT-M700 in dash LCD HU.

    It has two RCA video inputs, which I am already using with my TV output from my computer.

    I also have a Xenarc, I am using them as a dual monitor setup.

    I have two questions.

    1: I have seen other screens adapted with the RGB input to a computer other than through the TV output. This LCD has an RGB input for the Kenwood Navigation system. Has anyone successfully connected a computer to the NAV input?

    2: If question 1 is not possible, can I some how use the RGB NAV input as a 3rd RCA input?

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    i dont know about 2, but search for the guy who did the PSone mod to get RGB into that. maybe that will help with your kenwood.....

    just a thought

    good luck

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