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Thread: TFT From Laptop

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    TFT From Laptop

    I have Sharp LQ11DS01 TFT -screen from my Olivetti Echos P120E -laptop. I planned to solder longer wires to screen so i could put the computer inside the car's dash and screen to front of it, but when i had cut the original wires i noticed that there are many same colored wires so i can't know what wire belogs where, so i changed plans. Is there any way to mod this screen to work with normal desktop computer so i could put it to my car?

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    tons of info here on this, do a search. the bottom line is no, not unless you're an electronics guru. you cant even extend it from your laptop because of noise issues. the ribbon cable between the laptop and LCD panel can only be a VERY VERY short run.

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    Yup the answer is no, in fact the question has come up so many times it is even in a sticky thread.
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