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Thread: Neew destroyed Lilliput or just fron chassis

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    Need destroyed Lilliput or just fron chassis

    I am going to modyfie my center console in my car but I am not good inuff in this and I donŠt want to open my lilliput, so I need a destroyed lilliput 7" or just a fron chassis.

    Maby some one has it so I can buy it for a few bucks or just get it?

    editdamt I was to fast, it should be need not neew )

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    Then how were you planning to put your lilliput into the dash?
    Anyhow there has just been 2 lilliput groupbuys and alot of people would be converting to indash I assume so just put up a "WTB: lilliput housing" post.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    I want to make it like Njay's center console (I am talkin here about 2000 Toyota Celica)

    Here are picture of my orginal center console and how I want to mount lilliput.
    Attached Images Attached Images   

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    You don't need to destroy the lilliput console at all.

    What I did when building that console was :-

    Removed the pocket cover (its held in by a spring loaded clip)
    Covered the lilliput screen with some padding and then use masking tape over the sides and back.
    Removed the top bar between the pocket floor and the double din hole.
    Hotglued a 1din cage in place at the bottom
    Keet offering up the lilliput to the console and kept cutting enough of the pocket, side & surrounds away until the screen sat flush with the surround when placed above the 1 din cage.

    Then it was out with the some aluminium mesh to fill in the gaps

    Next, I just kept adding car body filler and smoothing in out till the sides all looked as though they were stock shape.

    Kept dremelling and adding bodkyfiller till I was happy before primering and then spraying in as close a match metallic paint as I could find (which was actually for Rover's, gunmetal if I recall, NOT Toyota)

    Once it was all sprayed up I affixed an angled bracket to the underside of the pocket and attached the lilliput to that.

    Finally, put a thin bead of black silicone around the screen.

    This way the screen can be removed and sold on at a later date as the silicone is easily removed.


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    Thx Njay.
    Iwas thinking about to make it like you are saying, but I think I will try to
    do it like Wielke has done it in his 200sx:

    Therefor I will buy a housing from kiltjim.
    I think It be a nice and clean install, I know that I am "looking me in to" 7" lilliput but whis screen is great.

    I will see what I decide to do.
    More pictures will come when I am start to modifying me console...

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