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Thread: Shield your lilliput !!

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    Not a shielding problem

    I don't believe that there is a shielding issue at all. The car ECU (Computer), ABS, etc are all shielded already.

    This might sound strange, but try putting a capacitor to ground. I suspect that the ground on the monitor is very dirty (Speaking of the power). The capacitor should be able to clean out the power of any noise causing problems.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Laidback
    Ah, I've noticed this a few times but it doesn't do it every time!

    If I stand there watching the screen and repeatedly pressing the button, as soon as the screen goes off, the central locking works! Like I said, not every time though, Strange.
    same here, monitor is not in the dash yet, sitting in front of the gear stick. Was not locking few times, but I never linked this fact to working monitor(computer goes to hibernate), but to weak batteries in the remote - have been using them for 2 years. I'll pay more attention to monitor next time when will not be able to lock the car from the first press of lock button.
    Haven't had this problem with xenarc, and would never thought it is because of lilliput.

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    ok, shielding with tin foil connected to ground ( car body ) has helped - I can now lock the car, but only within about 6 feet - not the usual 20 odd meters, this obviously had not completly cured it. - remember i can lock as normal with the screen out of the dash and turned on, so I don't think its producing any back emf down the power lines, pretty sure its a shielding thing, theres a VAN ( vehicle area network ) line running past back of screen ( which i believe carries locking command from receiver to main computer ..)

    still think a capacitor would help phazed? not sure ?!?! - The UK CarPC Forum

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