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Thread: PLVH 7.2" LCD [RCA / RGB]. please help. PICS =>>

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    Thumbs up PLVH 7.2" LCD [RCA / RGB]. please help. PICS =>>

    OK, i have the Pyle PLVH72,
    it is a 7.2" LCD where there are two RCA inputs, and 12vdc....

    I want to connect it directly to a RGB (VGA) input, without touching the RCA.

    so i opened it. i saw two boards - one of them is the interface board, and the another one is the lcd inverter (not only for CCFL)....

    on the lcd board it is written:
    Sharp QPWBS1017CPZZ
    G4GB V

    on the interface board there is written:
    For SM7200 (should be the name of the LCD)

    I think the interface board where all the buttons are, is receiving RCA (PAL+NTSC) signals (for sure) and converting them into RGB to the LCD....

    [didnt find help anywhere]

    on the right - it is the interface board, with all commands and all that....
    i think it converts the RCA input to RGB, and then sends it to the left board - the lcd inverter.

    a wide ribbon cable from the module itself to the inverter (30 pins)

    The only wires between the interface board - where is the input and the lcd inverter. -
    signals MUST pass here...

    the nearest chip to the 30 pins from module...

    left is the input, where comes the two RCA inputs and the +12Vdc

    behind the 10 wires connecting the interface board and the inverter - maybe another type of connection

    as i said, the 10 wires are the only to connect the two boards - the right one is for the buttons...

    Please help,


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    Adding info !!

    behing the 30 pin cable from inverter to module - there is that :

    anyway, i dont think it will be useful, because if i want RGB pins it will be within the 10 wires, nd not even before the inverter....

    please help

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