I dont know if this belongs here or on the OBD-II forum...

I have found this 5x40 VFD display made by Noritake (cu40066sc-t61a) and two weeks ago my Elmscan boards came in. I have read a bunch of boards saying that you guys used to use VFD displays, back before these LCDs, etc.

What i have notice is there is a wealth of info coming from obd boards and really no great way of displaying all that info on a lilliput without not using it for my music, movies, etc.

I guess my question is, I'd like to run both my lilliput for music, movies, and this VFD for displaying my cars sensors... does anyone know if they use to use these VFDs to display OBD data and does anyone know where i can dig up the software (and the knowledge) for setting this up?

Thanks in advance!