I just sold my VL twin turbo, and it had a ME 6000 eden in it with a P60 power supply and a 7M-200 TV out 7" screen. I sold it with the car as I saw this as an excellent oppourtunity to upgrade.
So im looking for some input from you guys, as to what is the latest and greatest out there now, wheres the best deals, prices, etc.
The next one must have the following.

A VIA motherboard, of a CPU at least 1ghz (nemiah 10000 is it called?)
Opus powersupply of at least 150 - 200 watts.
Xenarc 7" touch screen.

Can anyone give me any really usefull information/great deals/links on my next Car PC? and please dont give me a sign as im already head down searching. But its not a bad idea to ask too

also, im in australia. So some gear is hard to get. I went into a PC shop the other day and asked him for a IDE to USB adapter and he looked at me like i was from another planet. They are so last year here its depressing!