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Thread: Lilliput Pull Out In Dash Conversion

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    Lilliput Pull Out In Dash Conversion

    I just got my Lilliput touchscreen in the mail Today! So I decided to take it apart along with my Innovatek IN-720 to start making a VGA in-dash. I have looked at Digitalww's 'Lilliput to In-dash Conversion How To' but wanted some suggestions on a few things.

    On the IN-720 there is a ribbon that runs from the screen to the back that is 24 pins. I plan on using this so I don't have to run wires. Power, VGA, Touch, RCA will all be on this one cable. My question is what is the best way to hook it up to the connectors?? I have some ideas of my own but wanted some input. Is there a easy solution I can buy?

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    Also, what is this? Is it a power regulator or something? It is attached to the power contacts
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