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Thread: VGA controller on NEC screens

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    VGA controller on NEC screens

    I just bought an NEC NL10276AC28-02E 14.1" LCD screen off ebay (total was $45!). I haven't received it yet, but it comes with the invertor and controller. I was looking online and couldn't find specs for this exact model, but I did find specs for NL10276AC28-02L (-02L vs -02E) at

    anyone know offhand if the controllers on both models are the same? Should I just wire it up following the pinouts in the .pdf for the -02L and hope for the best?

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    All the NEC (NL---AC---) pannels, have analog inputs. There are 2 major types:
    1) With a Built in VGA Controller, so you can use them directly.
    2) Without a bulit-in VGA Controller, so you need to buy one SPECIALLY DESIGNED for NEC pannels

    By experience the part numbers that ends with L or A (NL10276AC28-02A) have the controller.

    If the seller has a photo of the screen, and there are 3 PCB, including the inverter, the middle one is the controller. If there is no middle PCB, you will need one to drive the screen.
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