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Thread: Laptop auto TV-out

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    Laptop auto TV-out

    Hello all,

    Its been a while since I last posted. I have a question about my laptop. It is a compaq presario 1600-XL145. In order for the tv-out to work, I have to press FN + F3 during the boot process for the output to displayed through tv-out. My question is do you possibly think this is a software issue? I am currently using Windows XP. I have used and I have used the on this forum but I have no solution yet. Any help would be appreciated.

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    no setting in the bios for this? my NEC also makes you hit the same switch combos to toggle between laptop lcd, video out and both but theres a setting in the bios that lets you select the mode you want it to be in on boot. however, windows xp ignores all this and takes over and does what it wants, ignoring the bios settings.... thats an entirely different issue

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    Ok a little update. I uninstalled Windows XP and went back to windows 98. The laptop is working alot better. The driver for windows xp was real finnicky. No it always goes into the tv-out when i press the f3+fn combination. But still it fails to go strait into tv out mode upon boot unless i do the key combination on the laptop keyboard. My question is are there any programs besides tv tool that can accomplish this. The video card is a trident cbi7 if that helps. I really need this to work as I am going on a 14 hour road trip on wednesday and I really want to get my laptop in my truck before then. Any help would be appreciated.

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