Recently my lilliput started having problems. Basically The images were not showing properly. It was kinda dark and off color. After doing research on these forums I realised that the ground wire on the lilliput monitors were noted for coming loose. I therfore opened the monitor a week later and lo and behold the groud wire was loose however there was also a brown thingy shaped like a capacitor that was lying in the back of the casing and not attached to the board. I figured I now had a real problem. After soldering my ground wire back I looked all over the board to see where this little capacitor thing came from but didn't find it. Now my composite video inputs work real fine and I get "no signal" and the jurassaic park logo whever I go into VGA mode. Anybody has a detailed picture of their lilliput board so I can see where this thing goes and if anyone ever cut their pin off the monitor and soldered the VGA cables directly I would like to know which wire goes where.
Before you guys ask I already did some research on the forum for the pinouts and I found a site with a wealth of information however My wires seem to be slightly different from what they have there. - Oh my touchscreen still works too. I just need the vga to work.
Help me please.
Will post a pic tommorrow

This is the little capacitor like thing that I found in the housing.