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Thread: Cooked my LCD. Help!

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    Cooked my LCD. Help!

    I was just finishing my custom 15" touchscreen LCD, when I toasted it. Tripped the house circuit breaker and everything. Not good. So I thought that the only thing that would be damaged would be the AC converter (I was adding an auxiliary switch to it at the time). But to my dismay, it looks like I cooked the backlight controller as well (check the "controller" pic). Anyone know the chances of the rest of the LCD working if I replace the backlight? And where could I get a backlight for it? (check the "backlight" pic).

    I know that this is the best place I could find help. If anyone has any opinions or ideas, I'd love to here them. Thanks.
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    looks like you smoked backlight inverter...
    find a model number of it search on google for replacement.

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