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Thread: HELP lilliput givin me more problems.

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    I'm no expert on this, but I think the white screen means you are not getting the signal. Are you sure the ribbon cable is good enough and that its connected properly? I'm having the same issue. But can't test till I get the high voltage cap I blew though.
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    not sure yet.
    Thanks wkolodny... I dont know why it is bubbling up, well its not really bubbling up its just gettin loose. It could be that my screen is being bent in but i dont see how it could happen. But that is a possibility. I would not be so affraid to do it. All was well for me till today. Today was just one ****ty day... poo everywhere... Ill just have to listen a bit more and get that **** cleaned up i suppose.

    Ashbosh: yeah its the signal i think... I have tried everything, in turning it on wigglin the ribbon with it loose in the contacts, still nothing It has done it once to me before but like i said after a few wiggles and jiggles it worked. The odd thing is, is that the buttons stay on??? im sure before that it has never done that.
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    yikes!! why dont you just sent it back?? i got my lilliput today and cross my fingers that i wont have the same problem.

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    not sure yet.
    Cant send it back because i hacked it apart... link

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