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    Question Overhead LCD..

    Hey I'm looking for a overhead LCD screen for my Durango. Right now I have 2 7inch LCD's in the headrest but want to change them out for one big one.

    I have a 15inch Viewsonic LCD that picked up for QuakeCon 2003 but never use. It's been sitting in a box since and now I have a 19 LCD. My question is would I be better off selling the ViewSonic and picking up a 10inch dropdown with the money or using the ViewSonic for a drop down?

    I have a feeling picking up a real dropdown is going to be my best bet but I thought I would ask anyways.

    This screen is only going to display DVD and maybe a visual from my MP3 player.


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    Heh. Hard to take advice from someone that's got an ulterior motive, but I would suggest a pre-made drop-down case. The weight of the bigger LCD will be a pain for making hinges. Also, I've seen bigger drop-down screens and they seem akward to me.

    Now for the second part, how much do you want for that 15"?
    I've been watching for a good deal on a 15" for some time now with no luck.
    I keep trying to steal my wife's LCD (400 nits brightness!) but she guards it too closely.



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    Superduck I'll let you know if I decide to sell it or keep it. Thanks for the input.

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