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Thread: 15" Dell LCD in Car

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    15" Dell LCD in Car

    Would a normal house monitor LCD Flat screen work in a car running off a power inverter, connected to an Epia M?

    I got a couple of them for free and want to stick it in my car. I have seen a pic somewhere on this site when a guy did that to his truck. I cannot seem to find it now.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


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    tell you what send me one for 50 bucks i will see if it is possible

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    It's certainally possible, but it will be big and bulky, and hard to work with. Are you getting touch with it? It will work if you have the space.
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    Want to make a little money on the side selling? I'd be interested in one for a reasonable price.

    If the monitors use 12V, then you might be able to use a laptop auto power supply to regulate the 12V DC straight into the monitor w/o using an inverter.

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    Just tried it.

    I tried it with a laptop, worked great!

    I am curious if it will look as good with the epia as it did with a laptop.

    Just trying to figure out how to mount the damn thing now. No touch on it though. Will probably use a wireless mouse. Sucks ***!

    I am even thinking about splitting the signal. One in the front and back. Will post pics once my epia and power supply comes in.

    C|hecking to see if they can run on 12v.

    Thanks for the quick replies.


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    That was probably my truck. I now have a lilliput touchscreen...just have to hide the wires before I update the pics.

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    That is the same idea I am shooting for

    Wolfman, Was the screen to big? How did you mount it, I am curious.

    Nice setup though.


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    I am about to do the same thing. Luckily for me I have sunroof in my truck. It has it's plus and minuses. Howeve I think the plus far outweighes the minus. On the plus side, my roof has space between the headliner and the actual roof of the vehicle. Also the botom piece has a metal plate in it which makes it sturdy enough to mount a 15' LCD. The only minus is that the monitor has to go further back because it can not be mounted in the sunroof. I was at Circuit City yesterday and the have an LCD flip mount kit that I intend to modify to use with my setup. The screws will mount flush in the metal plate so that the sunroof will open over it without any problems.
    When I do get around to installing it I will post pics.
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