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Thread: Need advice

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    Need advice

    I am thinking about buying a LCD screen. The system i need it for is just for playing mp3s. Do u guys think that a 320x240 resolution would be okay?

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    if you want just mp3s, you could go for one of those little text displays! There's one on the software page of, look at ALCAS.

    But if you're like me you wont be able to resist the urge to do other stuff with it. I'd buy a lilliput, unless money is an issue. The problem with the resolution you're suggesting is, you'll have to do a little hacking to get windows to support it. Check with your video card manufacturer too.
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    Yes i was going for ALCAS but there is one issue: I need a search feature and enque like winamp.

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    BTW is there a lcd FAQ? like info on all components U need. Im a bit confused on these lcd components.

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