Hi all,

im afraid in need for some help
since a few days im expermenting with a HD44780 in combination with C# and DLPortIO.

My goal is to write a program which can display text on my display.
I used a program called LCDSmartie but since that is not completely to my satisfaction i got the idea of writing my own program.

because im fairly new to LCD/VFD programming i started by searching the net and one of the biggest dissapointments is that there arent many clear examples of c#source available and im not that "good" with c++

i found some vb.net code started up visual studio.net "rewrote" the code to c# (using the DlPortWritePortUchar function of DLPortIO) and made a little test form with a button on it. I got some output at my display fairly simple but experienced some "weird" behavior though.

one of the problems im having right now is that whenever i try to output a string to my display it appears for a sec and right after that my display darkens to be empty like just before

whats even more strange (at least to me..) is that after the initial display of the desired string i cannot reproduce the same again, when i click the same button again the display wont show anything

does this ring a bell to anyone?