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Thread: Mounting idea's for a Mazda RX-8???

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    Quote Originally Posted by glxyjones
    How much work was it to disassemble the 7" touch screen and configure it to fit into there?
    I spent about 3 months just trying to figure out a way to make it work and then all the weekends for a month building it. Taking apart the touchscreen and putting it inside the picture frame was real easy once I found the right frame. The hard part was building the plexiglass mounting tracks which I had to cut 4 times to get it to work just right. I did a complete how-to on how I did it for my car here: Developer (I am Chuck)
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    This place sells mounting brackets for the RX-8:

    little pic...
    RX-8 center high dash mount...

    And maybe use the brackets that come with your LCD, or perhaps use something from here:


    I considered this option while debating between purchasing an RX-8 and Infiniti G35 Coupe...

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    This mod is easily done. But to be on the safe side call some junkyards and see if they have that storage compartment cover. Im assuming thats what the area is above the cd player. It shouldnt cost you more than 100 to make it pretty nice.

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    thanks walk0080 for the links...some good possibilities in there

    the "compartment" above isn't for storage, it's a close optional navigation unit. They don't have dash piece with just a compartment. Right now I"m calling some mazda parts retailers to see if they have any stock navigation dash pieces but with the actual navigation unit.

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