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Thread: how long does it take to ship a ribbon cable?

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    how long does it take to ship a ribbon cable?

    i'm just wondering..cuz i ordered one for digitalww on lastfirday and still havnt got it yet...need ot fix my white screen

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    Did he have it in stock?

    I just bought a lilliput from Armen today and it shipped out today.

    Maybe he doesnt have it in stock and had to order it?
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    Did you buy the screen from cybermob2? here's his post:

    stuff for sale (lcd, hdd, slim, mobo, etc)

    are you sure the cable will fix the white screen?


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    no i got the sreen from logic supply it worked before i opened up to see if i could fix my touchscreen problem..then then i think i folded up the ribbon tomuch trying to put it back together.. i only had it for like 3days.

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