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Thread: Xenarcs Mounted

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    Xenarcs Mounted

    Finally decided on the final mounting locations for my Xenarcs this week. The whole project isn't done, so I didn't want to put this in the completed project forum, but I've been putting this thing together for a couple months and wanted to post some pics of it already. The screens are bolted down, so they ain't changing, so I thought I'd shoot some pics.

    The mounting is pretty simple, but it did go through a previous incarnation involving a custom wooden mount for a Xenarc in the center of the dash. The glare was terrible from that angle though, couldn't see the screen from the driver's seat at all during the day (or passenger seat for that matter). Even a half-assed cardboard visor didn't make any difference. This setup is much better. Minimal glare, I don't have to reach for the touchscreen, and the passenger can use a different source from me, or watch video while I'm driving without getting me pulled over.

    The computer is still ghetto-mounted, strapped to the center console by the passenger seat, out of the way. The keyboard is on an arm that folds behind my seat. Next step is to build a new center console that will hold the computer and 15" flatscreen (currently ghetto-mounted with another 'custom' wood bracket), and will have a switch panel and the foam cooler liner from the current console.
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    Wow. There's like 100 times the CPU power of the Apollo 11 mission in your van! Nice! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Keep us updated as you keep working on it.

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    weeehaaaa awesome ride ! I feel like starting a hi-tech convoy !
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