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Thread: What The Fu**.....

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    If nothing else, you can isolate the ground loop with a small ceramic disc capacitor on the outside shield of the TV out. Just use a female and male jack, wire the center directly and put the cap across the 2 outside shield connections. Sorry, I don't know what farrads would be.

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    VGA cords are very thin.. the shielding is.. so so. Almost anything will cause interferece. If you HAVE removed power from the RF unit; then the signal interference it causes SHOULD stop, but you might also want to try moving the antenna out of the car to make sure (large hunks of metal... but I dont see why THAT would effect it and not the car chassis)

    Ariel loops, strange TV antennas have a way of creating strange ****ed up fields- but usually they need power. So I donno

    Even if it doesn't stop the interfere, you should really hardwire it to your headunit man.

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    The common denominator between the LCD panel and your audio cable is the ground. There is a problem with your grounding somewhere. The interference could suggest that the ground is not strong enough or loose, and not getting a picture at all means that signal is not flowing. If it is fixed by the audio cable, then the problem is with ground either on your motherboard or your screen.

    Try in a desktop configuration

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    Agreed. Sounds to me like it's grounding through the audio cable. Either your video cable is bad, or there's a loose ground somethere along the video signal. But of course, without seeing it, it's hard to say anything for sure...
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