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Thread: TFT/lcd smart people...

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    not sure yet.

    TFT/lcd smart people...

    Hey any screen smart people out there that can help me?

    I tend to enjoy ridding the short bus so i may be slow yet im kinda a quick learner.

    Ok so I was givin this tft screen. On the back of the screen is a 30 pin connector for the 30 contact ribbon cable. I dont have one and i dont have much money but I a lot of spear parts laying around. So this is the pdf data sheet for this screen. As you can see on page 6 the info on hooking it up. I dont know how I would hook it up and what goes where on what ya know. My plan is to either get this , wich is made for it, or make something that doesnt cost money ...

    After reading the pdf and specs on the screen I see that it takes 9.5v DC in. Ok with the thing that cost money i would not have to worry about it and it would be much easier yet it still cost freakin money. Also Im not sure that the screen works so I dont want to go spending money ya know.

    Can any one here help me through this? If I was to solder wires to an old monitor cable, I took off of a broken montior , how would I do this? Links, photos, simple something (topic) to google on. Aslo how in the world would I make a thingy (dont know the name of them) to step down the 12v from psu to 9.5v. Or should I just get one of the radioshack car jack thingys.

    I would like to learn and do this myself with out having to buy anything or to much. My darn lilliput is a hung of junk now so that hurts.
    Anyone with any help?


    Edit: of the 320x240 resolution um perhaps i shoud just buy the thingy for it?

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    i would only continue with this screen if the controller is cheap, but it won't be useful for anything but movies

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    not sure yet.
    Thanks i was not sure what all i could do with it, as well.

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    You cannot connect this using simply a cable. There are quite a few signals that this device is expecting, on top of the video signal.

    Problem #1 - This thing is expecting a regulated 9.5v power source. Not cheap to build, but doable.

    Problem #2 - This thing is expecting an RGB video input. Very few devices will give you this in the correct levels that this lcd wants. To build an RCA to RGB or S-VIDEO to RGB or VGA to RGB is NOT easy, let alone cheap. In fact, it would be a HUGE cost to do this.

    Problem #3 - This thing is expecting extra signals, such as timing clock, luminance control, 234/240 line select, NTSC/PAL select, etc... This is all VERY complicated circuitry, and it would take a bit of work to get it going properly.

    Problem #4 - You don't even know if the screen is working.

    The way I see it, you have two options - order the controller card or toss the lcd. Given that it's only a 1/4 vga display with marginally decent specifications and you aren't sure if it works, I'd toss it. Even IF it's working, you still are left with a 5.5" display that isn't very resolute. That controller can't be less than $100, and for that much money, you could pick up a decent non-VGA lcd on ebay.
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