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Thread: Processing power needed for dvd

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    Processing power needed for dvd

    Hi All,
    Does anyone know the minimum cpu required to be able to play a dvd movie ripped to a hd and displayed on an LCD? My MP3 player has a Celeron 333, and I am certain that this does not pack enough punch. I know it is new MB time, and I prefer AMD to Intel, but either will suffice.

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    depends what codec you ripped it in and how compressed it is. I'd got for at least 800Mhz and 1Ghz to be safe, certainly if GPS e.t.c will be running. your celeron could handle it if you buy a decoder card, not sure if they are still around, and i seem to remember they are only for DVD encoded media, not ripped.
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    actually there is a decoder card for MPeg1/2/4/Divx i think toms hardware did an article on it

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