Hey all, I have a problem with my screen resolution on my lilliput. Surprisingly if I go to my display options and "list other modes," I am able to select a resolution 800x480 @ 60hz. Upon selecting this resolution only 3/5th's of the screen is filled and the remaining is screen just black. Now, I took a screenshot of the desktop using the Print Screen function, pasted into Paint, and saved it. I viewed the properties of the screenshot and it told me that the size of the image is 800x480 which leads me to believe that its a screen issue not a driver issue. So then I used the OSD menu on the lilliput to find out what its registering as a resolution and its reading as 800x600.

Anyone else have similar problems, if so, have you found a solution?

I'm guessing its because of the refresh rate? Anyone know how to force a higher refresh rate even though its not listed?

I have a SIS 315/E onboard video on my Syntax S635MP M-Atx motherboard.