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Thread: Extending your laptop's LCD cable: FAQ

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    Question What kind of connector?

    I have dell I8600 and want to extend its LCD cable but without cutting it.
    I need 2 additional connector and a cable to do this, but i don't now what kind of connector should I buy?

    I have 2 number, these are cable part number.
    and this is its pic:
    (The connector that I need is at the bottom).

    You can find more pic here:

    Is there any one to help me to find the appropriate connector for it?

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    hi there. I finaly finished my lcd extending project.
    I wanted a lcd touchscreen (lifebook b2131) put on a lcdarm. From there I could controll a music player.

    What I learned from extending my lcdcable:
    * try to find points on PCB that are bigger and easier to solder on
    * don't try to solder on the lcd cable PCB
    * use cables that are suiteble. I used a network cable first(that was what I had availeble at first..), but got interference. Then i used high quality kvm cable that had screen/mouse/keyboard cable molded togheter. everything was shielded. it even had three shielded cables inside a shield. using this cable I had the lcd controller, touchscreen controller and inverter (inverter pcb is built into the screenpackage. it sits close to the lcdscreen, so in my case it was the low voltage wires that where extended) on each of their own cable that was shielded from each other. I can 't see any interference on the screen using my 1.5meter cable

    I also have plans to extend the powerbutton, so it is located in the plastic of the screen..
    (I have the pins located on the motherboard if anyone is interested)
    and wouldn't it be cool to also integrate the laptop mouse thing into the screen?? hehe (I mean the mouse that is integrated into the laptop normaly)
    not sure about the last idea because I plan to have to OS working without the mousepointer.

    @Yuriy: how did you get winamp so big?

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    Extending Lcd....with a twist

    Hi everybody...I too need to extend my cable, but my problem is a little different. I have an eight inch touchpanel that I am using in my dash with my laptop about 10ft away...this was not a problem untill my vga port on my laptop went out, so I want to make the touchpanel my primary monitor by extending the cables from my mother board to my the screen...I was wondering if I could do this length and how i could match up the wires since it is two different circuit boards...luckily i dont think i have to worry about the inverter/backlight cable because that is already on the touchscreen....where could i find out how to do the conversion from my motherboard to the lcds control board...i have a hp dv4230us laptop by the way...thanks for all the help in advance

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    I have recently been given an old IBM Thinkpad X40 laptop as a gift, since it had a broken lcd display (it got crackled). The pc works, perfectly, though, when connected to an external monitor.

    Now, I'd also like to try and change the LCD with another one, since I found a Thinkpad X41 also broken at work, but whose monitor works perfectly.

    The monitor connectors are the same and when plugged the new X41 monitor works perfectly and I can work with the pc. The problem is the ribbon cable used to connect the monitor to the inverter is a pair of centimeters too short, so I can't close the laptop

    Here's a picture:

    Do you know if it's possible to expand it or if it's possible to buy a longer one? Is there any other solution you might know?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    PLease help me extend my laptop Display

    Hey guys these is my laptop Display Cables (Acer Aspire 1362 ...guess 1360 series...)

    these are the both the sockets or pins coming from the motherboard

    i rather show more snaps for more detail before asking for help hope it won't bother anyone will submit as much info as possible ...well now the Display dismantled the white pin cable enters this small circuit board which is to the right of the display. Another 2 tiny wires enter the Display from this circuit board. THe 2nd Black Flap cable, behind the display kinda turns into this blue flat laminated cable an enters the display Directly ... now i hope the inverter or signal booster u guys have been talking about is built into this Circuit board or is somewhere else near the display, or i hope is at the branching junction of the blue cable (i.e the black flap) . Cozz i am planing to splice the cable coming form the motherboard with small wires and proper soldering...looking forward to some one's guidance, please help

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    @ lucifel

    when you take apart the lid, do you see a slim circuitboard sitting at the bottom of the lid, with 2 wires going into the display? that is the inverter.

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    Hi all, Does anyone still check this?
    I have a Dell Inspiron and I want to extend the LCD screen away from the body. It's not ribbon cabble so it's not as hard to extend.Whats the best way to cut and extend the 16 or 17 wires that run from the body of the laptop to the lcd screen? and is there a certain type of wire you must use? These wires a very tiny and I have not yet found any wires in my box of wires that are as small as these thing are.

    Here is a photo of the cable and screen I want to extend.

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