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Thread: Using two touch screens for two different apps?

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    well i was hoping when mine is done to complete it with 3 touchscreens (1 in front on dash and the other 2 installed in backs of seats !)

    i wanted all 3 screens to have access to change what all three screens do !

    so anyone in the car can change what the 3 screens are watchin by using the screen in front of them ?

    is this not possible then ?
    VIA EPIA TC 10000 1Ghz Motherboard,
    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen


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    You can try this :

    See the specs of the premium model. It accepts USB k/b and mouse (your tsk here ) for the client PC.

    I just hope that you don't have a M10000; it would be a tight fit!!!

    Hope this helps...

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    to be safe, I would buy a duel monitor video card install it on your home computer, then plug the touchscreen up to the home computer, this is if the screen is easy to remove from your car, now have your mouse on your normal screen and then press one of the buttons on the touch screen, if this works then more then likely it will work with two touch screens if it doesnt work, then your going to need to find away around it. running two touch screens would be nice. also I think someone already posted this but if not then yes you can view two diff. programs on two diff. screens, that is with XP, I had a friend that did it on 98 but I dont remember how.

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    I may be mistaken, but I tought that I read something on the touchscreen configuration software that comes with the lilliput (dont have mine handy, maybe someone will chime in with the name), it actually has a setting to use more than 1 touchscreen monitor interface, I believe the "action" follow the monitor being touched. The software worked with USB and serial so I believed it be a generic "touchscreen" driver.

    Sorry I dont have the name handy, but with all the lilliputs on this forum, Im sure someone has the info..


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