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Thread: Senstivity of touch screen

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    Senstivity of touch screen

    does any one have any idea and can help me as to how to increase the senstivity of the Touch Screen. ( like what is in PALM and sony PDA's )

    The lilliput touch screen does work ok but is not as soft and sensitive as the PALM Pda's

    any suggestions ? pls

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    Gym contract ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SAScooby
    Gym contract ?

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    :-) whats Gym Contract

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicky_obee
    :-) whats Gym Contract
    It is a hidden feature in the OSD.... very difficult to get to, for some reason they felt they had to hide it so people could make adjustments to it....

    What you have to do is...... start with your system shut off, turn on the power.... AS SOON AS the bootup begins count 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand and then hit your F11 key..... hold the F11 key for 5 to 7 seconds.....

    The booting process will still be going on during this time, just as the first Windows splash screen apears, hold down the following keys

    G Y M C O N T R A C T, all at the same time.... you will probably need some help if you have short fingers and only 10 of them too...

    Hold for 54 to 56 seconds and the Gym Contract OSD screen will appear with all kinds of useful settings...

    Good luck..

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    gettin a bit smelly in here, u talkin out yer ***? :P
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    how do you hold down two letter C's and T's at once? or is it ok just to hold down the c and t key?

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    are you SURE its the F11 key? on mine its the F7 key.

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