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Thread: How can i fit my in-dash housing into this dash?

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    How can i fit my in-dash housing into this dash?

    Alright everyone, thanks for reading this. Here's my problem:

    First look at corolladash.jpg. This is a picture of the place in my dash where i want to put my touch lcd that i will buy from digitalww. It is the one with indash housing. I would like to stick it in the upper compartment that you see there.
    All was goign well until i foudn out that it is too tall for me. My slot is barely 2" and the in dash housing is liek 2 1/8th inches. Now i was wondering how i could craft this little bugger into fitting. The rest of the pictures are just a bunch of pictures of the inside of my dash.
    I can't think of how else i can show better my problem. If you have any questions i'll reply fast as i'll check this thread as continuously as possible.

    EDIT: I know i have a double din head unit and i coudl buy a single din one, but i really dont' want a new head unit because i like the looks of mine right now.
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    Ahh sweeet man thanks for the help, any other replies would be nice.

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    just start cutting the hell out of it, try to fit and cut some more, but you will mess your dash up, thats what i did in my 01 blazers dash click below

    anyone from Georgia?

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    Just lose the bottom slot as well!
    Or perhaps you could chop down the in-dash housing of the lilliput to make it fit a single slot...?

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    any reason why u wouldnt just rip out ur stock radio/cd player and install it in that place? dont u think the screen would be too low in the bottom compartment, and wouldnt the gear stick be in the way?

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