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Thread: TM-701 ISO dilemma

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    TM-701 ISO dilemma

    Ok, after alot of frustration on trying to figure a few things out about this screen and fubar'n my original login on this site by mistyping the wrong e-mail address in (yes twice) I'm just going to ask the question.

    I have a 1990 Toyota pickup as some might know has 2 ISO slots for headunits. Now that I know that the TM-701L (don't imagine the 702L would be any different) is DIN I run into the question of whether I should buy and try to mount the screen or scrap the idea?

    Fabbing the brackets I don't think would be too much trouble. My main problem is whether I would be able to take that trim ring off the 701L and it still function properly. The reason for removing the trim ring is because I think that it wouldn't fit right or look right installed and I had to take the trim ring off of my kenwood to install it.

    BTW: If someone knows of a TM-701L installed in a toyota pickup and has pics please by all means please let me know.

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    buy a install kit for your toyota from crutchfield, or at least see what they have to offer

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    Thats the thing, I didn't need an install kit to install my kenwood. I just used the factory brackets. And took the trim plate off the kenwood. The 701 has a trim plate on it that I think will interfere with the install aside from the fact of bracketry.

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