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Thread: Motorised indash touch screen WITHOUT dvd

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    Motorised indash touch screen WITHOUT dvd

    hey guys,

    reading the thread and trawling the interweb i've found loads of motorised in dash touch screenswith DVD players however....

    since i have already built a mini pc to live in my car i dont need all the extra functions and in fact all i do require is a unit that will replace my head unit and provide a motorised touch screen - no radios, tv tuners or dvd's thanks!!

    Seen the IG700 but supply didnt look to great and not sure where to get them.

    any ideas on thatproductor any others?

    Cheers peeps,


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    is the word!
    (I just wanted to say that )

    Anyway read this thread :

    You will find many answers there.
    As for the other screens you found (like this ) they're not vga or tsk.
    The only vga in-dash motorized with imminent release is the Autonode's one.

    Hope this helps...

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