ok i've installed everything in a test mode :-)

i had scan lines, but by powering the lilliput the scan lines were 99% gone :-), they are still there however very small and you have to look at the screen from a distance of less dan 20 cm (about 7 inches)

however i still have a screen problem: its like if you c a letter, the letter appears twice its comparable with a shadow its there twice just half a letter away from the original one

now if i run the screen of my laptop (working on bat) the image is perfect

also if you have a rectangle in one color f.e. then the ends of the rectangle go dark

were could be the problem?

my gps receiver cable, vga, touchscreen, go down the middle of the car

all powering cables are at the left of the car, all but one that's the ignition cable that goes along with vga/gps/vga/touch

audio goes at the right

power cables run directly to the battery

i don't have any enginenoise in the audio so that could be a good sign

if i run a cable from the vga connector to the chassis it doesnt improve

i have an extensive audio install but even if audio system is off there's no improvement

however its a test setup, so the powering cables to psu and from psu to lilliput are to long about 2 m ( about 7foot) so they are rolled up

anybody with help or ideas ? i would be very thankfull